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The digital world of marketing can
be intimidating, overwhelming even.

You’re left wondering…
How do I get my idea to go viral?
What channel should I focus on?
Who’s listening, watching and reading my work?
Where will I find the time to do it all?


Where do I even start?

Digital marketing shouldn’t be a guessing game. It should be clear and simple. It should
give you certainty and confidence. It should proliferate an audience for your idea.

What we do

A simple process that
gives your idea a voice.

Did you know 90% of white papers are never cited and 40% never even get
downloaded. We designed our process to put these facts into extinction.


Where do you start in the ever changing world of digital media? You begin by finding the value in what you already have. We look at your audiences, content, and digital capabilities to find the diamonds in the rough that will point your ideas toward transformational influence.


How do you know what will work? You will feel secure investing in marketing your ideas when we first pilot, test, and refine your content before you allocate significant resources towards making an impact for your idea.


When you lack visibility, how do you move the conversation in the direction you want? Together, we’ll raise your organization’s visibility with stunning, entertaining and persuasive content delivered through our “the most useful ads ever” concept, which is meticulously analyzed for impact.

why we call it

Return on Ideas

Because you didn’t spend 1000 hours on that research paper to only have 23 people
read it. You want your ideas to have a real impact, one you can measure, but before you
invest more of your time, allocate additional resources or more of your budget towards
the nebulous world of digital marketing… you want to make sure your efforts are
actually going to pay off.

It is a huge privilege to work with Tyler Lowe in producing videos of my lectures. Tyler has an expert’s ability about how to market ideas and illustrate academic lectures. Her work is first rate. – Steven G. Calabresi, Professor of Law, Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law
I was really impressed with the way Tyler worked with us to bring abstract academic ideas to life. Using simple but effective visuals, overlaid with carefully chosen voice-overs, she completely transformed my ideas into a medium that speaks to a much wider audience. I recommend Tyler to any scholar or journalist who wants to extend the reach of their ideas beyond specialists who read papers and books to a wider interested public who consume their information electronically. – Eric Kaufmann, Professor of Politics, Birkbeck College, University of London
Daniel shepherded our digital efforts from a small online presence to a reach of millions on social media and from zero videos to more than 80 per year with millions of views by law students, young lawyers, and the educated public interested in law and policy. – Eugene Meyer, President, The Federalist Society
What stands out about Daniel is his intellectual commitment to his work. He takes
seriously the idea that our videos are designed to create robust debate through a
balanced, substantive approach and executes masterfully. – Dean Reuter
Senior Vice President and General Counsel, The Federalist Society
Tyler was great to work with, always responsive and polite, and had great ideas for making the video stand out. I highly recommend her for other academic projects. – Richard Hanania, Ph.D., Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University
The final animations] are WONDERFUL. I am so delighted to see these ideas come to life with animation. I couldn’t be more pleased. – Seth C. Oranburg, Duquesne University School of Law
Return on Ideas is a digital marketing
agency for think tanks, researchers and
thought leaders. We turn complex ideas
into entertaining content that your
audience wants to engage with. Our
process is heavily focused on creating
content marketing that’s both
measurable and impactful.

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